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Why was Commercial Recoveries founded?

The UK debt collection industry is constrained by heavy and evolving legislative and regulatory compliance requirements – a good thing, but this makes it hard for all but the most successful debt collection agencies to collect monies owed, due to restrictions placed on collections techniques such as letter content and telephone scripts.

Further changes and tightening on compliance requirements imposed by industry regulators and legislative bodies will continue to be introduced. A high degree of investment in intelligent software and hardware solutions is needed in order to step up to the increasing compliance demands, and further enhancements in collections technology such as enhanced debtor profiling processes.

As a result, the leading, large scale debt collection agencies focus on gaining large and lucrative, high volume / high value client contracts, with a preference for high debt balances geared to providea ‘longer burn’ on payment plans and a higher profit margin.

A business with one-off or low volume/lower balance unpaid invoices for collection, such as an SME (Small / Medium sized Enterprise), would therefore be uneconomical for a leading, large scale collection agency to take on as a client and so be left with limited choice, e.g. do nothing and write off the debt, or risk its reputation and relationship with its customer by using an unaccredited source, or a potentially costly or inappropriate legal route.

So we asked the question – How can we bridge this gap and connect the benefits of the superior performance, quality & compliance of a leading, large scale debt collection agency, audited and scrutinised by the industry regulators, to businesses with ad hoc debt collection needs?

The Answer – Commercial Recoveries supports its own proven in-house Business-to-Business collections strategies with specialist external legal and enforcement partners in order to offer a complete, single source, cradle-to-grave, premium quality UK commercial debt recovery service. Our user friendly, multilingual web portal is specifically tailored to the needs of businesses across all industries with ad hoc, as well as multiple, debt collection requirements. We also welcome globally based clients who trade with the UK.

We may agree discounts for frequent or bulk requests, but we are not about being the ‘cheapest’ - We are about providing access to a premium quality, compliant service that is performance driven to provide a higher net return to you the client.

We do not make false promises about the likely outcome of a particular case, nor do we quote a spurious percentage success rate - In the real world every debt is different in terms of value, age and quality and circumstance, as is the amount of collections activity put in by the creditor before a debt is sent to a debt collection agency.

We could maybe remove a letter or a phone call or two from our collection strategies to cut costs, but we won't - If we reduce our activity levels we are less likely to secure a successful collection!

We are a real alternative.